Sunday, 7 February 2010

Monday,My Blank Piece of Paper.

Christmas Rose First Wash

How fast Monday seems to come around!  I have a week ahead which is my blank canvas. I can choose to paint it as beautiful, quiet or as busy as I wish. I was eager for my week to begin so placed a colourful wash on a large white piece of paper last night for me to look at this morning as the first thing I saw when I walked into my studio.

I have a variety of Hellebore ( Chritmas Roses ) that I am enjoing playing with in colour combinations so these inspired this loose fresh wash. I have also been experimenting with  ideas for an antique finish to my work. I am really thrilled with one experiment which will be included in my next book.

I loved how this wash turned out. I think of that word " control" and smile. With watercolour the joy is in the freedom of working with it. Not trying to be its master!

I am reminded of my hair as a child. The curls used to be constantly  shorn as they  always were difficult to handle. And yet left alone they were beautiful. In my teens I was too blind to see this. All of my life I yearned for straight hair when everyone around me was admiring the natural curl I was lucky to possess.

We miss the obvious. We often wish to change things that do not need changing in life.

Isn't watercolour exactly the same?

Enjoy it. Celebrate its magical way of forming patterns and allow it to show you what it can do.

 I am so eager to paint today..........I hope you are too!


Thank you to everyone who has contacted me to let me know how much my blog is inspiring them to paint. One small word of kindness  often starts a ripple that turns into something even more wonderful. I truly appreciate  your wonderful feedback.

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