Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Market Street Gallery , Alton Exhibition

Capturing the Essence
Colour, Emotion and Technique 
Spring Exhibition 2010

March 5th -15th Market Street Gallery
Market Street
Hampshire UK.

Amazingly it is only one week to the Private Preview of my next exhibition. It seems like only yesterdy it was the beginning of Autumn and this was a mere  discussion. But here we are with a new collection and today I am at the gallery for the final details.

It is amazing that when we visit exhibitions we often forget the behind the scenes preparations. The collection being put together, framing, titles and pricing. For me it is also preparation for workshops at this show and then dates for each including the Private Preview. And while this is all going on  I am always working ahead to the next exhibitions.

I have recieved so many wonderful requests on what subjects  everyone would love to see. I have been asked if there are cockerels, elephants, dogs,cats and flowers. And a special subject that seems to disappear as soon as it hits the wall! 

Have my favourites  in this  event along with new  ones and as always a few surprises. I hope everyone who visits  loves my new work and enjoys the variety.

And if you are reading this and coming to the Private Preview please say Hello as I would love to meet you. Invitations are available through the gallery.

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