Sunday, 21 February 2010

Racing Against Time

" Getting Ahead "

My life is a blur. I  have finally realised how much I was working on and how it is affecting my soul and art. I am constantly seeing Spring flowers which somehow flow into my subjects regardless as to what they are. In this study of horse racing I feel my recent  paintings of primroses are almost there in the distance. If you study this you will see what I mean. It is the colour selection in the background. I believe I could turn sections into small flowers if I wished and what an unusual abstract that would be!

I am working on light,movement and flow in my work. I am racing to display excitement in my brushstrokes and the energy that I feel in my spirit.

I want a part of me to show in each new painting which means I need to rest my artists soul from time to time to regenerate my existence in the art world.

Today I aim to enjoy the beauty of nature and bring this into my paintings next week. But it is so hard to  come down to earth when my heart is singing with life from an exciting new series that is magically appearing in front of my eyes.

I am on what they call "A roll" and I don't want to sotp but I feel I should at least for one day. I will see how long I can last without picking up my brush this Sunday!


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