Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Texture and Colour : Snowdrops.

I am beginning to believe I do definitely see things differently to non artists. A country walk will often see me observing colour combinations and abstract shapes. This week the woodlands and country lanes are full of snowdrops in Hampshire. They are impossible to miss as my dogs and I  take to the countryside for our daily breaks.

 But I don't see simply small white flowers surrounded by green foliage. I see the sun hitting old autumn leaves on the ground, twigs and earth each giving beautiful foundation and background colour suggestions for my  compositions. Which is why I chose brilliant orange as a backdrop for this piece! I must admit in my previous paintings I have always chosen cool violets or blues for my snowdrop collections but this has the " WOW" factor for me and I love it. It isn't finished yet but already looks so exciting.

Unfinished Snowdrops A painting in progress gradually building up in texture and detail.

 I love one section especially. Isn't it always the way with artists to fall in love with one area above all others in every painting they create!

Above : Flowers starting to come to life before the final brushstrokes.

This is the area where the painting started from my imagination.

You can just see a piece of clingfilm in the foreground above for added texture effects which will contrast with the  bubble wrap texture below in the background area.

Bubble Wrap Close Up.

I am having so much fun writing and working on new ideas for my next book. Many I will not include here so as to leave excitement and surprises when the  book comes out! But my enthusiasm is difficult to dampen and I so love sharing  my thoughts and experiments on my blog.

There is so much joy and passion in every painting I create. A part of my soul  touches each one with eager brushstrokes. I am alive with a brush in my hand and  always on the look out for new subjects and new ways to paint them.

I know my enthusiasm is infectious and I eagerly look forward to my 2010 Spring workshops. I know those attending are eager to come to them too.This years will be really exciting and I cannot wait with all the surprises and  techniques we are going to share up my sleeve.

What a wonderful year 2010 is turning out to be!


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