Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Yesterdays Treasure

Yesterdays memories....todays treasure?

Yesterday I took a few photographs of my studio to share on my blog.  I probably should explain at this point I am temporarily living in a beautiful  thatched cottage in the middle of Hampshire. U.K. while my own home is being renovated. Searching for temporary  accomodation with four pets and a desperate need for a studio was a challenge! However I was lucky as this room has gorgeous natural daylight. With windows open I can hear birds singing and the beauty of nature is right outside. I can paint from the colour I see throughout the day.

The two paintings above caught my eye yesterday and I couldn't get them out of my mind.

I will often work on a series and then decide to completely change subjects for a break. My way of working is very spontaneous so I never restrict my mood or freedom of choice by working on one particular theme at any time. This usually surprises visitors because they imagine I am working on one child,dog or flower painting. Instead they  witness a wide variety of exciting compositions often half finished and these could be framed as they are.

But that tempttaion to add more is always there isn't it!  The need to add just a few extra brushstrokes!

The owl appealed to me and so I stopped working on cockerels and pheasant.

And this was the result.

Sweet Owl.

I have fallen madly in love with the softness of the chest feathers, the markings and pose which I will admit is only here by artistic imagination. I have a sense of a quiet moment for the owl between flight and hunting. I don't see a bird of prey. I see a beautiful bird that to the artists eye is a complete treasure. A jewel  to paint in a vibrant world of  glowing colour.

How we see is  so important. Seeing the beauty in everything around us and everything we try to capture as artists is a gift. One we should never take for granted.

Today I will be painting from a series...and there is still that little girl with an umbrella to look at. But then I haven't shared photographs of all four corners of my cottage studio. Maybe  there is more "treasure" yet  to discover!

It is time for me to paint and the urge to move my brush has never been stronger!


Tip: Never work for too long on one painting if it makes you feel as though you have lost the excitement in your work. Change direction keeping your mind and your brush always moving in harmony with a feeling of joy!  This will show in your results. 

I was once told a bored artist  creates boring paintings, that truly is food for thought!


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