Saturday, 27 February 2010

Diary of a Professional Artist.

"A La Marche"
Winning Painting of the 2009 SAA Professional Abstract and Experimental Artist of the Year Category.

When I painted " A La Marche" last year I had no idea where my art journey would be leading me. However 2009  turned into one of the most exciting years of my art career. In 2010 we are only into February and my weeks are flying by with so many wonderful opportunities each day that see me either constantly painting in my studio or racing to meetings. My diary is incredible and I am meeting some very amazing people.The coming months seem to read like a celebrity guest list within the art world and outside of it.

My diary so far  consists of.

Art Societies.

I am on one major Art Society Council and another main Art Society Commitee. This means involvement on a different level for each.

Art Events.

I am organsing a prestigious art event for later this year which is really exciting and taking a portion of my time.  It meant booking a castle as a venue and this week saw me driving to a meeting to discuss the occasion. I will be discussing the guest artist on another post on my blog soon. What they have achieved in their lifetime really is inspiring on so many levels and my trip was very thought provoking. 

Art and Exhibitions

Art wise I am working on my body of work for one main show in London and one in Hampshire which takes place later this year. I have several galleries which showcase my work and I am working on new collections for each. I also need paintings for two major events in London for April and May along with a special piece for a charity event in Hampshire in July 2010. With my art I am now supporting three major charities and will continue to do so on an annual basis.This is where my heart lies and I feel shines with my brush.

Workshops  in UK and Abroad

I have my workshops which I  keep on a personal level. My goal is to inspire and ensure every single artist attending any of my sessions leaves feeling 100% motivated and eager to paint. I  aim to have new ideas in every session on technique and subjects. These are my heartbeat and often leave me inspired also. Orders of supplies and new colours for each and contact with all the artists coming from all over the world keeps me busy on a full administration schedule. I also have requests for workshops abroad and I am looking  ahead to future possibilities.USA is on my  list and I am already actively looking into my first watercolour workshop there.

On this note if you are in an Art Organisation and would like me to visit your country please contact me on as I am looking at  my travelling  diary and plan ahead. Now is a good time to discuss future events.

Demonstrations and Talks.

I am always thrilled to be contacted by art groups and societies inviting me to demonstrate or give talks. My 2010 diary is full and looking at my schedule I can see I am going to meet some wonderful groups in the future. It is a terrific life to be able to meet so many people with the same passion as yourself and I enjoy each one and the chance to share my enthusiasm and love of working in watercolour.


 My first book " How to Paint Colour and Light in Watercolour " will be available in July this year and I am already working on my second.. There is still so much to do involved with the release of my first book so behind the scenes I am working on many areas of being an author. The idea  people may have in that once the book is written "That is it" is a myth. Now the real work  begins!

I am also included in another book which I will share details of at a later date  which will be released in USA.


I have been approached  regarding a DVD to go with my book and this is very dependant on a screen test which I have managed to fit in next month. This will be a very interesting exercise as I am a person who hides when anyone picks up a camera! In fact I am laughing as I type this because it really is going to be an eye opener if this adventure does eventually happen! So many friends who know me will understand what I mean. They will have experienced  seeing me  race  to turn my head away from photography and on that note the hardest part for me with my first book was having the shot taken for the inside cover of the book! Watch this space!


I feel a little bit like a juggler  with many things to keep in the air but the strange thing is I love it. New opportunities keep coming my way and I find myself agreeing to them. And this is my life of being a professional artist.Whilst one commitment is completed I am already working on those further away. And amazingly taking on new ones.

The most incredible part of my art career is that I am also renovating an old cottage which has seen me regularly visit  my home with  the need to make many decsions. It is looking beautiful and is in the final stages  of internal  decoration. And so a move is on the cards for the end of April.

I am asked often " How do you ALL  that you do?" I think the answer is you have to love what you are doing.

And I do!


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Maree said...

I really like "A la Marche" Jean - such vibrancy of movement... and I am stunned at your 'busyness'...