Monday, 1 February 2010

Painting For the Bin?

Monday is my favourite day of the week. I see it as a beautiful blank piece of paper waiting to be painted on. I can decide what colours to use and which subjects to capture. I can let go of yesterday and feel the excitement of looking ahead to a brilliant tomorrow. Maybe it is this positive happy attitude that allows me to achieve a flow in my work with expressive brushstrokes. I am not tied to one subject and my free spirit can create at will wherever my mood takes me. Today I wish for warmer weather and the magical feel of dance.

I am off to Spain by the touch of a brush.

These studies are aimed at the bin as a very quick warm up to my serious painting session. I am  using these to free my mind and get to the quiet place I need to be to create wonderful paintings with a sense of life and beauty in them.

 Warm Up Exercise 1.
Just playing with colour and allowing  my imagination to  " see" a subject amongst  a few watermarks and colour  combinations!

  Warm Up Exercise 2.
 Working a little further on Exercise 1. and exploring how this could be used in a more serious painting.

The whole point of these warm up exercises is to relax, free my brush and my mind and simply enjoy painting. They are never intended to create pieces to be framed or exhibited but their value is as great in that I continually learn new ideas for colour contrasts and keep an element of fresh ideas in my work.

My workshops contain a mix of fun and serious painting. All my exercises are intended for motivational and inspirational purposes. For this reason it is very important I feel  a thrill when I paint too........

Now it is time to work on my exhibition and new collection........this was a wonderful break and distraction!


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SEEKER said...

I found the idea of painting for the bin really inspirational. As a leisure painter it's exactly what I need to do - more time playing with the paint and less about achieving a finished result. I love your painting style. Thank you. I made a link to this post in my blog post of today - 'to bin or not to bin'.