Sunday, 31 January 2010

Pheasant Study

"So Proud"
An experiment with colour,technique and  brushstrokes.

With several exhibitions coming up I am working on my new collection for the Market Street Gallery show in Alton, Hampshire which opens in March. I have had interest for more cockerels which now seem to have a life of their own in my studio! Popular subjects are constantly being asked for although I always aim to have a few surprises in each new exhibition to keep my " Expect the Unexpected with this Artist !" image alive! I also have requests for a series of pheasants.

As an artist who paints freely I prefer to avoid commissions and paint directly from my heart. This allows me each day to create with emotion the subjects I enjoy minus the pressure of having to paint a possible piece that may not appeal to me.

In this case I have luckily fallen madly in love with pheasants so they will happily play a part in this next collection!

Working with colour and Asian brushstrokes in the next few paintings,I feel a combination of East meets West  techniques will work really well.

Let's see!



Melissa Fischer said...

This is beautiful! I especially like the drips and strokes that give the body roundness and that TAIL! That is fabulous! Wonderful colors, too.

jane minter said...

he's magnificent jean !