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Watercolour Workshops Spring 2010

The most exciting time of the year is about to approach and I am daily recieving eager emails from artists who are attending my watercolour workshops this year or hoping to book a place. After the lull of a Winter  break my palette changes and  my enthusiasm rises.

Tip: When booking workshops please always book early in advance as many favourite artists  find their sessions fully booked months in advance. My Spring sessions were fully booked from last year!

  Spring is coming!

I spend the beginning of each year planning my teaching and demonstration schedule. I take time to research new shades for each season and watercolour paper for each class to try.  I endeavour to make each workshop exciting and different so that returning artists always have something wonderful waiting for them to enjoy and new artists coming to me for the first time also have a little of the unexpected from a workshop. I aim always to have everyone leaving my sessions absolutely 100% inspired and eager to paint non stop when they return home.

A New Year, a New Life!.........and a new way of painting!

It is the memory that lingers from coming to a successful workshop that  lights the passion inside every artist more than the session itself. I am addicted to  painting and this addiction is contagious. I now give everyone coming to me a warning that they will never feel the same about watercolour once they have attended one of my  watercolour workshops. I have been told on many occasions that this is true! Artists who have long lost the motivation to pick up a brush,artists who have worked in detail for years and artists who want to try a loose style all find themselves on one of my sessions  enchanted by what happens when we relax, open our imaginations and work  with colour alone. No pencil work and no restricted lines telling us what to do or when to add a detail. It's magic!

Writing features in magazines has seen a huge rise in the number of requests I am recieving so here is an update of all the Spring workshops this year.

I will add Summer and Autumn workshops in another  entry on my blog. There are a few places available in my Autumn Sessions, morenews on those later on!


Watercolours With Life 
Hampshire, U.K.  

6th April 2010 

Magic with a brush!

The most popular of workshops that looks at ways of bringing a subject to life using a variety of techniques to create intrerest,drama and impact in your work. A host of subjects will be covered  so that each brushstroke makes a difference. No preliminary sketches are used during the workshop and every artist attending  is encouraged to try something new.  You may bring your favourite photographs to work from in the afternoon  session. Lunch is provided and for those artists travelling and staying over an evening is planned so that you will have the opportunity of meeting everyone on the workshop. Details of the  venue will be forwarded by email or given during the session. This promises to be a day to remember!


Watercolours With Life 
7th April 2010
A second exciting  workshop covering technique to bring subjects alive in a unique and original style. No preliminary sketch. Just expressive brushstrokes and excitement in each painting!


Flowers,Flowers and More Flowers!

Hampshire, U.K

8th April 2010

 Exciting colour and patterns in  unusual compositions !

A first this year. So many artists requested a workshop specifically on flowers so here it is. And the immediate popularity of this session saw the bookings fly in. A variety of flowers will be provided for the workshop so the venue will appear to look like a florists! Having said that could I also ask all artists attending to bring your favourite flowers as well just in case I miss the one you prefer to paint! Please remember in this class we will be painting from life so photographs will not be suitable. You can bring some for reference but the session  depends on really seeing colour, light and shadows which are often missing in a photographic image. This can lead to disappointing results. Please be warned, following this session you will never be able to look at a single flower no matter what it is without the desire to capture it in watercolour!


 To everyone coming I know how excited you are! I am too and so looking forward to meeting you all again for a wonderfuls day painting.   

Artists are travelling from all over the world for these sessions. South Africa, Italy, France and  all over U.K.  They are going to be brilliant!


These courses are now all fully booked but I will be adding new opportunities to come to me soon! Please  watch this space for latest news on demonstrations or workshops coming up.


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