Monday, 4 January 2010

Watercolour Warm Ups.

 Hints of a Christmas Rose

If we walked into a gym we would always warm up before going straight into very serious exercise. When we paint it is a wonderful discipline to do the same thing. To free our mind and get us into the quiet place in our minds where we need to be to  connect with our creations. I always start each painting session with several small " warm up" pieces. I explore  a variety of colour combinations in each . I will often try new ideas to achieve  a huge variety of results.

My saying for today is

" An exercise a day keeps the painting blues away"

1) When was the last time you painted  just for fun ?
2) When did you experiment last or try something completely new?

A child will paint without fear purely enjoying the bliss of being able to create. That joy is something we often lose as adults by our obsession with always having to paint masterpieces suitable for framing,selling or exhibiting.

In 2010 I aim to bring back joy and adventure into art on this blog.......and I will find a way of setting challenges for  friends and followers to join in with each month if they wish.

Happy painting!


jane minter said...

happy new year jean ... beautiful ...first christmas rose has appeared in the garden here ... that sounds a lovely idea

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you Jane. I thought I would set a fun challenge to get everyone moving their brushes in 2010, I have a lovely one for the January warm up!

Happy New Year to you!

Debbie said...

Jean, A Happy New Year to you too.
This is exactly what I'm needing to give me a kick for the new year, I have really missed my painting this holiday...... I don't think hot sunny climates are conducive to painting and I'm itching to get set up again when I get back home.....roll on Wednesday!!!!!!!
Your warm ups are a great way to start the day... looking forward to them! Mwah!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hello Debbie, I am thrilled you are so excited. I think 2010 will be a wonderful year for all of us......a January warm up will be just the thing to get us all inspired!

Helen said...

Happy New Year from me too! I am ready and waiting Jean!! Fantastic idea...really appreciate the fact that you are always so encouraging!