Monday, 11 January 2010

SAA.,Society for All Artists

 I have just recieved my recent issue os the SAA Society for All Artists Paint Magazine. In it is my final feature in a series on "How to Paint a Dog in a Loose Style". Over the last year I have submitted a number of  articles on how to paint from a small starting point to building up the subject gradually adding  different sections using a variety of brushstrokes.techniques and unusual colour selections.

Basset Hound Eye showing use of colour and  watercolour effects.

During the period I have been writing for Paint magazine I have recieved so many wonderful emails letting me know how much my series was enjoyed. Part of one feature was for SAA members to send in their dog photographs  for me to choose to paint. Reading the letters with obvious love between owner and their pets was a very  wonderful privilege but this made choosing subjectively for the article very hard. I wanted everyone to have their dog included.

 Boris the Basset Hound with his enormous Basset nose!

The final  feature includes members dog paintings from following my series. I chose a variety that worked in the final feature. I looked at each one and read the comments. One member had painted her first ever  watercolour dog, one who had always worked with detail found they could paint without. The comments and sheer joy in working this way came across in each wonderful message.

I am over the moon to see the issue in print but I am even more looking forward to the surprise some members will have by being included. I wish I could have chosen everyone who submitted!

 There is an undescribable joy in sharing technique.When asked why I give so freely I can honestly say this

"I may never be the one of the greatest artists in the world, but  by sharing all I know I could help someone else in some small way become one"

That is my gift and my choice.

To give.




Helen said...

What a wonderful attitude Jean! It's a pleasure to read your blog, not just for the art but also for the inspiring words.

pascaleboulon said...

j'adore les bassets hund,et ce que tu dis est beau tu peinds et tu ecris avec ton coeur

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you so much Helen, I adore painting. The happiness from holding a brush is a gift to be I adore other artists brushstrokes also!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Merci Pascale. Tu est tres gentil et je suis si heureux de vous connaître.