Monday, 11 January 2010

Watercolour Washes that Sing!

I approach Mondays with excitement. I see  them as new white pieces of paper eagerly waiting to be painted on. I can look ahead to each new day of the week knowing I can continue to improve on yesterdays technique and explore different ways to bring a huge variety of subjects to life.

Spring is around the corner and there will be many  paintings of glorious Spring flowers  in exhibitions all over the country. Many  paintings of similar subjects all to be enjoyed. But how can we make our paintings stand out in a room full of gorgeous art?

We could aim to be different!

 Daffodil Blues. A beautiful first wash full of life,movement and an unusual colour combination for Spring!

Fabriano paper which is amazingly white and perfect for my subject along with Winsor and Newton Shades.

A wonderful way to start a Monday with a bright,vibrant and exciting wash.

Tips: Try different colour combinations.
Dare to be different
Try new paper and watercolour products,don't get stuck in a rut!

What are you painting?


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