Sunday, 17 January 2010

A Special Day as an Author.

Yesterday a large brown envelope arrived in the post. I knew the minute I read the name of my publisher what the content could be. Holding this  in my hands was a moment I will never forget.

Over the last  year I have been writing and painting for my first book on watercolour which will be available later this year. During this time I have communicated regularly with my publisher and discussed the various stages of putting my ideas  in print for the very first time. It has been such an incredible experience.

The cover of any book is  very important as it is the first image readers and public will see. The decision of which painting to have here has been thought over and considered very carefully.  I paint so many subjects that there was a huge variety to choose from to place  here. My work appeals to a wide audience and my workshops are attended by artists of all age groups,art levels and also by male and females. My favourite  area to work in is colour and light.

I needed an image that showed all of this.

I have been asked to write on painting portraits, animal lovers want me to write about painting pets or wildlife. Floral artists want a book on flowers.And yet when I paint landscapes I recieve so many comments asking me for more.

This made the decision of what to have on the cover even more difficult.

I thought about my exhibitions and how successful they have been for  a clue as to which painting could be the most exciting  to feature on the cover.

Galleries carry a wide range of my favourite subjects. Over the last twelve months I have sold each and every one so there has not been an indication of which is my best or most popular. All of my subjects seem to sell well.

Finally a decision was made and I was about to see in print the cover of my book for the very first time.

I felt nervous and excited.Would I like it or change my mind. More importantly would others like it.

I felt emotional.

I had put off opening the  envelope for as long as possible. Now was the moment to see how my book was going to appear  when it is published later this year.

My hands were probably shaking as I gently opened what was probably the most special of envelopes I have ever recieved in my life.

I now have the cover in my hands.

I know what my book looks like.

This morning I looked again  to see if this was all a dream. I am waiting to wake up.

I like my cover.....I so hope you do too as I will be sharing it on my blog as soon as it has gone to print and is ready to be launched publically.

And I think there should be a virtual party when this happens connecting with all my friends from all over the world.



Helen said...

I'll be there!

Debbie said...

Jean, this must have been the most intense moment for you. Nerves, mixed with anticipation as you opened that package. But I'm so confident you will have to do a re-print as this book is going to fly off the shelves.

In my mind I have a picture, an image of what you have decided to put on the cover. I wonder if I'm wrong, but this picture to me symbolises YOU. Congratulations Jean.

Ellen said...

I am so happy for you Jean. This is totally deservered. I am also happy for me because I will be able to get the book when it is published. :) Please let us know as soon as it is available and how to get it. I can't wait!

Melissa Fischer said...

I can't wait to see it! I hope your book will be available in the US.

Anonymous said...


That is great news, nice to know the artbook publishing world is noticing/supporting your splendid efforts.

Looking forward to hearing about the release date of your book.

Now one last question does Bailey have a book in the works or will he be writing the forward in your book.:0)


Ellie Robertson said...

Hi Jean,
How wonderful that feeling must have been, am waiting in anticipation for your puplishing date. Will make sure I have my party head on!!

Mike said...

G'day Jean, from Australia.
love your biik, it just arrived. Am only a quater of the way thru, and learnt a lot so far.
The cover is a perfect choice..enticing, intrigueing, atmospheric,..could go on and on...great choice jean. Encourages me to pick up your book each time I see it enlivening the sunroom table.

Congratulations Jean, another gem!
regards, Mike and Lacey.