Saturday, 9 January 2010

Leopard in Watercolour, Latest Stage.

  Leopard in Watercolour : Early stages with no preliminary sketch.

Sometimes I look back at stages of a painting and feel so blessed to be an artist. A few friends know how much I am enjoying painting this leopard. I have had tears in my eyes feeling for the future of this majestic creature because it is so very beautiful. I cannot do it justice with my brushstrokes but I am beginning to feel as though I could touch the soft fur.

Isn't it incredible that with no sketch at all and simply from working with colour and brushstrokes alone an animal can come to life almost on a blank piece of paper?

Here is the tsgae I am at at the moment. I  have been working on the fur nearest to me and the furthest away ear.The image I have been given to work from is old and almost green in colour so I am having to  place a collection of images from friends together to  work out which colours would be  true and those which will tell my story in the final result better.

 Leopard in Watercolour nearing its half completion stage.

Believe it or not I haven't decided which way this wonderful animal is looking yet hence the delay in adding detail to the eyes. That will be my last  touch when the painting is almost complete.


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