Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Christmas Roses in Watercolour

Christmas Roses First Wash . W& N Watercolours.

Amazingly that little scrap  of paper I used for a warm up exercise from my imagination yesterday led me to thinking what could happen if I set out to deliberately paint Christmas Roses. Rather than just play with colour how about  using the snow from outside my window as inspiration for these beautiful flowers with their heads appearing from the  snowflake crystals? But as always I want far more than just a painting. I want life in my work and a sense of movement. Maybe even a feeling of seeing the flowers as if in a dream?

Working with Indian Rag paper I have literally dropped colour on saturated paper. The extremely wet sections allowed the colour to spread at will.

And looking closely the negative shape of the flower  minus the use of masking fluid has wonderful soft and hard edges. We can almost feel the flower appearing already.


This is my treat to me. A first wash to work on tomorrow morning.One that has me eager to continue with and enjoy. A painting that may lead to a million others.

All from one tiny exercise which has inspired me to explore further.

Tip: Experiment often to discover original ideas and  try new subjects as often as possible!

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