Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Yesterdays Warm Up Exercise

  Further work on yesterdays warm  up exercise.  Please remember this piece is painted for the bin only! If you paint a few studies daily just for the bin its amazing how much you " loosen up" and relax!

In my studio I have a wonderful box where I store scraps of paper or half finished studies. It is a favourite places for freinds to head for when they visit me as they always find " treausre" in the box.  I had yesterdays warm up on my desk this morning ready to be placed in the huge box but I couldn't leave it alone. So I quickly added a few more  brushstrokes of colour to see how it could develop. Painting from my imagination I remembered the wonderful wind flowers I painted last year so my " Christmas Rose " now is a mix between two kinds of flowers and the joy I have had creating it for a break from my larger pieces was  brilliant.......

Tip : Never underestimate the value of painting purely for fun.This form of exploration can lead you onto  far more excitement in your more serious pieces.

Paint from your heart and smile when you are moving your brush!

Thank you for the wonderful emails, I am thrilled you are enjoying my blog and will endeavour to keep it inspirational throughout the year!

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