Saturday, 2 January 2010

New Year 2010

Amazingly on New Years Eve I climbed a mountain.   It wasn't so much as a steep climb as being with friends enjoying a beautiful day surrounded by incredible scenery. Had anyone told me what I was going to do I would have initially thought I couldn't manage it. I have a fear of heights and my idea of  a walk is on flat ground. But I did it!

When I looked at where I had been the day before whilst walking around a beautiful lake the next day  I realized I had learned so much.

My thoughts are.......

1) We only think we can't do certain things.

2) We are capable of achieving anything.

3) The only thing holding us back from climbing any mountain in life is ourselves...........

4) Mountains are there to climb

5 ) Nothing is impossible..............not if you want to do it badly enough!

So in 2010 I am going to climb art mountains, reach for the skies and see nothing as out of my reach.

We can all paint anything,  we all have talent within us and  if we  believe in ourselves we can do anything at all!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and happy  "climbing" !

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