Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New Author

This week I am  proof reading my first book on watercolour for the last time before meeting with my publishers later this month. Only a year ago I was only dreaming about sharing my techniques and  passion for watercolour in  the literary world. A year later I am actually holding a years work in my hands and it all seems so unbelievable. The next few months are going to be so exciting waiting for it's release...I suppose I could have a blog party to celebrate! How wonderful life is .


cabap said...

congrats Jane,
jan :)

Sully said...

Hi Jean
This is my first visit to your site and as a member of the SAA I have been following your articles in Paint with anticipation and have very much enjoyed trying out the techniques you have been demonstrating. This way of painting is exactly the style I would like to become more competent in and I am looking forward to bettering my techniques into 2010. Hopefully the imminent relase of your book will help me in that quest! When is it due to be published?
Thanks and Happy New Year
Mark Sullivan

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hello Mark, it will be released this Summer and I am nervously awaiting its launch! I have recieved so many wonderful comments on my style I am now terrified of letting anyone down when they eventually see it!

It is exciting and terrifying at the same time.

Thank you so much for your comments on my series in Paint magazinf. It has been a terrific experience writing it and sharing my way of working. There is another feature in the next issue which I am looking forward to seeing as it contains members art who have followed the step by steps.

I am sharing on my blog hopefully to help inspire with new subjects and ways to approach painting them regularly so I hope these may help you on your journey.

Pnce you lose that pencil it is amazing what you create.........I look forward to hearing from you on how you progress.