Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Host of Daffodils in Watercolour

Already beautiful bunches of sweet scented narcissi are appearing in the florists. They fill my head with amazing perfume that transports me to Spring  gardens full of glorious blooms. With joy I held my brush and laid a whispery wash trying to capture their delicate forms. They are so light to touch and this feeling I need to embrace  with not only colour but my brushstrokes as well. I am thrilled with this first wash as it has that magic and life I so love  trying to achieve.

Narcissi coming to life on paper as if my magic!

Very little detail says so much in this small study. I was in love with my subject and it showed.

N.B. I avoid working from photographs as I feel it can sometimes lead to " flat" and lifeless paintings.

Tip: Paint from life as often as possible and learn how to really see a subject each time you do!

Quote: "Put joy into every brushstroke and love what you are doing" Jean Haines.

This to me is the key to success because when we walk around galleries we are drawn to paintings that seem to speak to us. Those with that extra magic.

Think about the colours you use whispery use of  Cadmiun Yellow and Cadmium Orange lends itself to Spring flowers. A little challenge for you.

What is this purple shade?

Colour Swatches : W&N Shades


January 2010 Challenge Followers.
1) Subject
2) Colour
3) Imagination! I will share the next step soon!


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