Sunday, 24 January 2010

Feeling Sheepish?

I am working on a new exhibition collection and preparing for my Spring 2010 Workshops. Working on challenges to interest artists attending each session and at the same time exploring techniques into creative use of colour. What started as a fun exercise has led me not only into a wonderful adventure but into discovering exciting results too.

  Two Sheep, a colourful first wash.

I have enjoyed this painting at every stage.
You may think I have worked on the background next but think again!

Building up my painting and strengthening colour combinations. This is a base for a large original painting at this stage because I like it so much  but I need to explore further to gain more paintings for the series.

Exciting creative use of colour.

At some point the painting took over  letting me know exactly what should be where. More sheep started  magically appearing in the background and foreground as the colour became more intense. The large painting which is purely an experiment is  full of energy and life so far and I am really excited as to where the whole series could now be heading!

Foreground and background drama!

 Interestingly if you stand well back from this large painting you can clearly see sheep and form. However when you look closely at this piece you can easily see the subjects haven't actually been painted at all. Each one is made up of a collection of brushmarks and patterns. By working in an abstract manner I am slowly bringing my subjects to life.

 Abstract Patterns within a Painting.

My favourite section is the sheep whose legs are hints of colour as they give a suggestion of the fact they could actually move and walk away.

There is always one favourite section in every painting!

Now to paint the whole series from this  exciting  beginning.


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