Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Less is More?

Whilst everyone thought I was painting daffodils and narcissi I was painting a huge number of subjects at the same time.This keeps my brain alive and actively aware of colour. If I work  on one subject there is a risk I may lose that spontaneous feeling that brings a subject to life in this technique.

I have to ask you a question............how much detail do we really need to tell a story? For example can you see clearly what this is and would adding any more to the painting make this  better? Of course this is a personal feeling but  one worth considering.

Elephant Study. Fifteen minute exercise


Listen to the Artist.....



Debbie said...

You know what.....!!! This is what I like about this particular style of painting. When you walk in a gallery or room and it draws you closer because its not quite 'all there' from a distance. And the 'joy' when you realise what the subject is, is so fulfilling. You know that sensation...... "oh, now I can see it".

The trouble when painting, is to know when enough is enough!

He has enough detail for me to consider him 'gorgeous'!!!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Debbie thank you so much.This large study is on my easel and I have looked at him non stop.He begs more brushstrokes but his spirit is already there.The story has already been told........so I will enjoy him as he is!