Thursday, 7 January 2010

Watercolour: Learning From Nature

  Snow Scene   ( Photograph )

We are snowed in but the surrounding countryside looks just like a a white canvas waiting to be covered with glorious colour. On my walk this morning I studied this scene and wondered about the composition. The interesting diagonal horizon line contrasts beautifully with the vertical trees hidden almost by the heavy snow fall . We learn so much from nature if we only take the time to absorb its beauty.

Food for Thought.

1) If you painted this photograph what colours would you choose ? Please don't just say blue and white!

2) Also would you leave the foreground as white paper? If so would it work,if not........why?

Have you ever experimented with freezing your watercolours to see what effects could happen? The cold temperatures have given me some  incredible formations to work with.

Ice Effects on Pigment and Watercolour Paper.


jane minter said...

made me smile here jean ... how many washes have you made ?

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Goodness, I haven't counted them but rather a lot at the moment Jane, My art studio is like an aladdins cave. I am making the most of the cold weather by creating some incredible effects!