Thursday, 14 January 2010

Creatively Cleaning my Palette

At the end of every  studio session I clean my palette so that I am ready for the next days painting.In the central well there is always a collection of the colours I have used each day. To  wipe these away would be such a shame and waste of pigment. I devised a way to use this left over mix of shades, free my mind and relax by painting with them on a scrap of paper.

As you can easily see they are heavily diluted in this first wash. The aim is simply to capture my subject nothing more.  I am not aiming to frame any of these, just free my mind. As always there is no preliminary sketch,just colour guiding my brushstrokes. While I was working a line from the blue background ran downwatds and under the chin creating a wonderful effect of shadow.

 Quiet Whispers

I couldn't resist adding extra detail.and stronger colour contrasts.

"Deep in Thought"

What a wonderful way to close a day. A fifteen minute study of a face.


" Magic Faces" were part of my art career in Dubai. They were available in exhibitions and at the Hunar Gallery and Profile Gallery. They became collectible and I  enjoyed painting a series of amazing faces with character in each study. Some were painted with coffee or tea in addition to the watercolour pigment. The last one I own is still in my studio and very dear to me.


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