Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Raymond Le Blanc

There are many artists in this world. Those who feel passionate about life and those with the exceptional ability to create. For many artists the creation is a journey which  is an all consuming passion fed by the drive and enthusiasm to continually inspire and move forward to a goal of excellence. Naturally not all well known artists  work with a brush in their hand.

This week I met one such artist. I was invited to a function hosted by the well known and highly respected famous chef Raymond Le Blanc at Brasserie Blanc, just one of his outstanding restaurants which is located in Winchester.

This event was generously hosted by Raymond in aid of the Lady Taverners, an association of which I am proud to be a member How I became a member and  information on this wonderful charity I will share in a seperate entry because the work involved to help very special children deserves that honour.

And so on Monday 18th January, 2010 I arrived with a painting that I was donating as one of the main prizes in the Auction which was to take place that evening. Guests were warmly welcomed by Raymond who has the charistmatic charm you would expect from a wonderful French host.  I had seen Raymond on many   television programmes but until now had not had the opportunity to meet him in person. I was  so impressed immediately by his smile and engaging personality. He seemed to possess endless energy and the magical quality of making every single person in the room feel welcome. The time he gave during the evening to ensure it was a huge success is tribute to a man who has a truly generous spirit.

Whilst the flowing champagne was superb the canapes were outstanding. A never ending array of  tasteful and beautifully presented "mise en bouche" were constantly available to tempt the palette.A palette so far removed from the one I normally discuss on my blog!  The art of creation is there in colour,shape,texture and of course needs to be pleasing to the eye. Presentation is the key. Raymond has mastered this skill in a way that has to be witnessed. I was tempted many times with the fine food. Looking at every guest in the room I can safely say we will all be returning to Brasserie Blanc to sample more of this excellent cuisine.

Then the time for the Auction  arose and we were entertained by the most charming and professional of auctioneers.

When my painting was shown to the audience I waited and watched as the bids grew. There is an element of excitement at a successful auction and the moment was hanging at one point where the final bids fell between two gentlemen. It was almost like a humourous duel but I am thrilled and honoured to share the news that Raymond Le Blanc made the winning bid.

The painting was one of my original cockerels captured in glowing watercolour. These paintings are now fast becoming collectors items and this particular piece will be on display in one of  Raymonds amazing restaurants.

Readers of my blog may be expecting me to share the painting. You may be waiting for me to share the news of which famous restaurant it may be seen.

I think its  first viewing should be in the please if you visit any of Raymonds fabulous venues where you all be in awe of the artistic creativity look out for my painting.

Sometimes hand in hand artists can do more than create.They can also help in a way from the heart and soul bringing happiness to so many others.

I wish you joy, happiness and a wonderful year ahead in 2010.

Mine has already been blessed by the art of giving.

To Raymond a huge thank you for a wonderfully unforgettable  evening for the Lady Taverners and may the painting bring you years of Good Luck and Good fortune.



Dave said...

I've eaten at Le Manoir once, and it was an unforgettable experience! I'll be back one day, and will look out for your painting!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you, I too will be visiting Le Manoir and as many of Raymonds restaurants as I can. The one in Winchester has a really interesting story in how it came to be.