Friday, 29 January 2010

Painting Through Tears.

Taffy,my Bearded Collie

It is amazing how a wonderful high can see you very quickly come crashing down to earth in tears. Following the successful meeting with my publisher this week I have  found myself racing my beloved dog Taffy to the vets and then on to a wonderful hospital outside Winchester in Hampshire. He is now undergoing tests to confirm he hasn't got cancer. The last twenty four hours seem a blur of tears and worry.
Taffy has lived all over the world with me. He has  seen camels in Dubai, learned to adore rice in Hong Kong, even fell in love with a French Poodle in France where he herded sheep for the very first time and later spent  a year in Belgium admiring waffles which he used to sneak from time to time.

My studio this morning seems empty without him nudging my arm to let me know I have been painting or typing for far too long.This painting eased my mind in a way that brought me together with Taffs even though we are apart this morning.

Capturing emotion and love in a piece has never felt quite so strong as it does right now.

Thank you to everyone,old friends and new who are sending me messages. Taffy has many artist friends as well and he has appeared in many of my paintings. I really appreciate your kindness and support and for your encouragement with my book . 



TJ said...

Fingers crossed for the very best of news for your dear boy.

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you so much.

He had surgery yesterday and we will wait for the results of the tests from that which will take a week.He is in with a chance as the previous tests looked better than were expected.If love has anything to do with it he will be here fro some time fingers are crossed too.He really is such a sweet boy.

jane minter said...

how beautifully you've portrayed your dear taffy here jean ...will keep my fingers crossed too.

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you so much Jane,he means the world to my family so we are hoping he recovers from the surgery he has undergone this week. It isn't an easy time.