Saturday, 9 January 2010

Paintings Within Paintings.

In every painting we often find a favourite area  that appeals to us for some reason more than other sections.

I am exploring  different compositions for  capturing narcissi and my studies are now getting larger. I also need to experiment with a variety of watercolour paper before my next workshops. I often provide  paper for artists attending so that we can all achieve the same results.

This is Fabriano 140lbs. The advantage of this paper is that it is beautifully white and suitabel for the white petals of my subject. However I need a heavier weight to allow me to use the large anmount of water I work with in my technique. My final paintings from this  watercolour journey are intended for my Spring Exhibition.

  Dreaming of Spring ( Unfinished )

Flowers are almost jumping off the paper in an almost 3D effect.This is the advantage of working freely minus a preliminary sketch. Layers of colour and undefined edges give an illusion of life and movement.

My favourite paintings and sections within this piece so far are

and this second section.

I am beginning to feel the compositions I prefer and the colours I wish to use so from here it is serious painting for the framed collection.


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