Monday, 11 January 2010

Expressive Brushstrokes

I have had a wonderful Monday, working through emails,organising workshops and painting. I will add my 2010 workshop details later on.

For todays session I painted some serious pieces for my 2010 Spring Exhibition and  opened the day with snowdrops on a scrap of paper which was to be "aimed for the bin".  Just a quick warm up exercise. However the life in these already feels too good to waste so I may just turn this into a real painting!.

Simple Snowdrops: Warm Up Exercise, Study in Colour with loose,free Brushstrokes.

The idea of repetition in a warm up exercise before I start my  more serious painting is to get that " feel good factor" before I start my  main session. I know I can paint snowdrops and I love watching them appear. Just this simple five minute warm up gets me into a frame of mind that is peaceful and serene for my  larger paintings.

I worked on a variety of subjects throughout the day but closed the session with a treat for me. Have you tried this at all? Time yourself and see what you can come up with in fifteen minutes.You can't add detail as you haven't time,nor can you wait for sections to dry.You just have to keep going and stop when your time is up.

Freedom knowing you are painting for the bin relaxes you and your brain.

Here is my end of day  fifteen minute exercise.....and I am happy with it! I feel free and excited about painting tomorrow.......

"Spring Garden"
15 minutes,no preliminary sketch with expressive brushwork.

Fabriano 140 lbs Watercolour Paper
Winsor and Newton Shades.


Tips: Practise a subject until you know it so well you can paint it easily.
Try a fifteen minute painting just for fun! The more you do  the better you get!

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Dianne said...

mthis looks like penguins huddled together in the fridged cold
dianne Hart