Monday, 18 January 2010

Blanche Odin

Blanche ODIN,
"La grande dame de l'aquarelle"

When I left Dubai  I moved to France before  my next destination which was returning to Hong Kong at that time in my life. Only a pet owner would understand my fear of placing two beloved pets in quarantine due to a move from one country to another. My decision meant I would be living in rural France with just my dogs for company in an area in  Le Gers for six months until they could  travel to China.

   Spring Posy.
Watercolour Study by Jean Haines.

Here I met many amazing new friends and artists. It was here I was given a book by Jean Louis Morelle but that is another story yet to be told. And here I fell in love with painting flowers. Roses surrounded my wonderful farmhouse and I painted them in oils mainly as that was my passion then.

Whispers of Spring
A gentle first wash capturing the essence of these  sweet small flowers.

A part of me will always remain in France. My spirit feels at one there and my life became  so blissful as I  embraced the French way of life.
A friend  and fellow aquarelliste  introduced me to the work of  Blanche Odin. I fell in love immediately with her beautiful technique and obvious knowledge of each subject she captured in  brilliantly gorgeous watercolours.

She has effected my artists soul as well as my work.

Spring Bouquet
An original watercolour by Jean Haines.

All artists are inspired by masters. The story of Blanche Odins life is one worth taking time to discover.For inspiration and an insight into an artists life at that time please click on the following link.

Here you will find  the history of a remarkable artist. And here you will find the true inspiration behind my floral work.We may be worlds apart in style and technique.But our passion for the beauty of flowers and watercolour are in harmony.

My heroine......and true inspiration.

Madame Blanche Odin.

Further Link


As an artist giving credit to those who have inspired you goes hand in hand with holding a brush. A kind word,a gesture of goodwill may just inspire others in their art journey.  Giving back as well as taking the gift of inspiration is a sign of respect shown by many honourable artists. I choose to pass on this incredible  heroine in my art life.  I hope she inspires you too.

On this note I would like to take a minute to thank everyone who has sent me cards,emails and messages letting me know how much I am inspiring them. 

These kind words encourage me to share more...............thank you so much and may your own art journey always be  wonderful.



jane minter said...

hello Jean ...after your workshop i brought one of the books you have mentioned here Jean Louis Morelle which i love and am enjoying learning and painting from ...from what you have said and the quick glipse of her book i had at your workshop Blanche Odin was a incredible artist and woman . thankyou for sharing these links here and thankyou for all your encouragement jean ... so looking foward to reading your book .

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hello Jane,

Thank you so much for leaving a reply. When I first saw your work I recognised a wonderful talent. It is a real honour and pleasure to encourage and inspire someone as talented as you.

I have been so blessed to meet artists from all over the world who have guided me on my journey.To give back by following their generous example is a gift I love giving. That magical word "encouragement" is indeed very special to all of us.

The work of Blanch Odin must inspire many watercolourists as I cannot paint a single flower without thinking about her.

Happy painting Jane and I hope 2010 is magical for you!