Sunday, 24 January 2010

Is Your Bin Full Enough Yet?

I often listen to comments from artists on their own work. So many feel they cannot paint the way they want to, so many don't like their results and many often find fault in their technique.

I hear...........

" No matter how hard I try I just can't.........." 
" I just can't paint........ boats, figures,faces,dogs or paint loose ........."

I always listen.
But my reply if always the same.

"You can"

I believe

The only thing in our way of ever achieving what we set out to achieve is ourselves.
Trying too hard kills spontaneity in watercolour.

Creative "Doodle" Anenome Fusion

So relax,smile and allow the pleasure of being able to create take over.

Don't always aim for a masterpiece. Also aim for the bin.
As a wonderful artist once told me

" If you aren't getting enough good results maybe your bin isn't full enough yet!


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