Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Painting a Dream

The dream of the owl painting has stayed with me all day. I couldn't dismiss the vision that came to me in the night. The wonderful colour combinations,watermarks and sense of texture of the downy feathers. I had to attempt to paint it again to see if I could repeat the pleasurable experience. This dream has led me to a whole collection of owl paintings. I am  thrilled with how the series is forming. Ecstatic even.

Todays washes and paintings are numerous but here are  a few stages.

  My favourite owl wash. I took one of the three owls from my dream and painted  it alone.

This owl has my soul torn. I have several exhibitions coming up. I have several clients who I know would love this painting when it is complete but it is  calling to me to keep it. It holds that special magic that cannot be defined between an artist and their art. Coming to life in front of my eyes so strongly I feel the spirit of the beautiful bird in this piece.

I couldn't believe the first dream painting so attempted it again with more time taken.

 Guided by an Angels Hand ?

I felt the hand of an angel guiding me in this repeat of my first owl painting. I look at it  and I feel someone else painted it. I cannot believe I have created it. I  am thrilled with the result and colour.

I closed the owl session with a simple piece, fast and loose to see what could happen. This one was painted aimed " at the bin" but even so it is an attractive foundation for further work.

 I can't wait for tomorrow.......and I do hope I dream again tonight!



jane minter said...

jean these look incredible ...i love the group they look like little owls we have lots of "civettas" in the countryside here ...difficult to see but we always here them ... your last big owl "gofo" is fantastic the beak created with "freezing" is wonderful .

Dees said...

This post makes my heart sing...yesterday I received your amazing book and after looking through it several times I decided to dive right in with my brushes.....Of course I immediately tried to make an owl...and after 5 min the magic happened that I watched an eye staring back at me...I too always have a feeling that I am guided someway (probably because I am so insecure that I can't believe I am actually doing this myself!) and at the end of the evening I had made a sort of totem looks totally different then what I had in mind first but I love him to bits!!thank you so very much for your inspiration...I am having so much fun!!!!happy weekend!