Sunday, 3 January 2010

Making Brushstrokes Count

                                                            Leopard  Stage 3.

"Patience is a virtue,possess it when you can"

Slow Down are two words that will focus highly in my art work and life this year. I am totally enjoying painting this subject so I really don't wish to race to the completion of the painting. If I do I will miss so much that is important in learning about how pigment interacts and how colour placement in each brushstroke is vital.

In 2009 I wrote my first book on watercolour which will be published in 2010.  I started 2009 thinking I may know certain techniques but realised I still had a lot to learn about this wonderful medium. Through writing each chapter I explored every single process of my style and I am shocked that the outcome is that I have taught myself to be a far better artist. Each new section of my book seemed to draw me closer to my goal of improving to a level where I feel better as an artist. I have grown from the experience and feel  very excited that my growth is really just beginning.

To share my journey via this blog is a privilege that many artists  did not possess years ago. They had to learn silently in thier studios or from fellow artists who would generously share.

Our timing on this planet is a brilliant one if we really wish to absorb all there is to inspire us to leopard is growing and so is my joy and outlook for 2010.......

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