Monday, 4 January 2010

Watercolour Leopard Stages..........

The first stages altogether of painting a leopard in a loose style minus the use of a preliminary sketch.

Stage 1  This stage was simple, looking for my favourite section that meant so much to me.The eye is the key to the soul so here was my first choice of colour placement. I work minus a sketch so I am following my heart with where to place colour for each brushstroke.

Stage 2 was very exciting as I started adding colours that were of interest to me. This is always personal and I was aiming to achieve a soft glow in the side of the face that is nearest to me.

 Stage 3. Having seen how beautiful the painting looked at the second stage I needed bravery to continue. How many of us feel nervous to add the next touches to a painting? In my mind I can see this completed but now I also have a sensation of something  a little more emotional than I originally expected when I first started this piece.A feeling of being in tune with what this incredible creature. I am mesmerised and  finding the development of my painting absolutely compelling to witness.As an artist we often have moments that are special to us.This is one of those moments and I want to cherish every further brushstroke.

 Stage 4. Very simply moving towards the top of the head now. Feeling a sense of stroking the animals head as if they were one of my own pets. How  wierd that must sound but I sense this animal coming to life with every second I look at the creation developing..


The magic of working minus the use of a preliminary sketch means that at no given time do I know for certain where each feature is going to be until I have painted it. There is an excitement that I cannot begin to describe as I eagerly watch each tiny touch of a brush bring my leopard to life........

I won't race this. It's too beautiful and too magical to ruin for the sake of placing it in a frame. The journey is the joy, not the destination.


With each new stage I whisper to myself. " This painting will only be as good as I wish it to be"



artbyjune said...

There is a beautiful sense of the animal's presence in the translucent eye!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you so much June,it is lovely to see you!

rob ijbema said...

love your work jean
it's so intuitive and sensitive
great photo's too!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hi Rob,as an admirer of yoru work its lovely to read your views on my paintings.Thank you so much for such a wonderful reply. I really am feeling the spirit of this animal in this piece and am almost at the point where I am held back from moving on because that moment where you fear the next stroke could lose the emotion in the painting is near!