Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Daffodil Wash

  Daffodil First Wash.

I have started my studio session with wonderful glowing shades of yellow as I need to prepare for my Spring Exhibition art the Market Street Gallery in Alton, Hampshire. I am selecting a few favourite and popular subjects for this event and deciding which will be included in the gallery hosted workshops. The Christmas Roses from yesterdays washes really have inspired me to experiment with so many ideas.My techniques are evolving and I am building a watercolour collection of how to bring a subject to life in a slightly more unsual way.

January 2010 Challenge Participants.......get ready!

If you have chosen your subject could you now  decide which colours would bring it to life. Please try to avoid the obvious shades and choose a collection that really does tell the story of what your subject is. You have a task coming up that doesn't involve painting the subject so be prepared!

Tip: Always expect the unexpected when following my challenges! That way we get unexpected results!


Dave said...

Hi Jean,

Just found your new blog. Your work is looking better than ever! Looking forward to seeing more.


Jean Haines ASWA said...

Dvae it is wobderful to be in touch again..........I hope you are well and thank you so much for following my blog.Its going to be a very exciting year I think for many of us..........I am thrilled to see you!