Sunday, 10 January 2010

Watercolour Flow witha Light Touch.

Daffodil Cluster. Section from a large study painting.

If you have a great day painting there is always that  added feeling of excitement and anticipation about picking up your brushes the next day.Tomorrow is so eagerly awaited. I had a brilliant  session in my studio yesterday which has left me feeling eager to work this morning and already a painting is on my easel waiting to be completed. More  narcissi!

Having had a Christmas break I found myself needing to loosen up again and look at ways to bring movement and life into my work. I continue to evolve my watercolour approach using expressive brushstrokes and flow of colour over my paper.

My washes now are full of energy, light with freedom of colour flowing and interacting which is so important to me.

Please note: Staying with one subject could kill the enthusiasm and passion I feel for these flowers so I will take a break and work on something else for a while.

Tip : Keep your mind and your work fresh. If you feel tired of one subject move on to something that keeps you feeling enthusiastic about painting. Avoid that " bored" feeling because it will definitely show in your results.
I am not bored with Narcissi but I am aware that you might be from seeing a million paintings of the same thing!

Tip 2. If something isn't working for you put it aside and try something else. I meet artists and students who struggle to paint a subject they are not enjoying.   Please paint   subjects that really turn you on for best results!

Most of all aim to stay HAPPY while holding a brush!


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