Saturday, 16 January 2010

Portraits in a Loose Style

Whisper of a Face.

For years I have had an overwhelming passion to paint faces in Watercolour. This began in Dubai where I exhibited and sold on a regular basis. "Magic Faces" as my work quickly came to be known as soon became very collectible and my  passion grew.

For me capturing a likeness isn't enough. I want to breathe life into every single subject I paint.

I want the viewer of my work to feel emotion. I want them to feel a sense of life in each piece.

Colour selection,techqniue and brushstrokes are only a minor part of my style. My mood, peaceful and gentle spirit seem to flow into  my creations.

Which I hope you can feel in the whisper of a face above. A light, gentle whisper of a painting that still says so much with so little.

I feel kindness in the face,kindness is so important in this capture it  in a painting is truly magic.

Isn't it?


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