Friday, 5 February 2010

Exciting Colourful Experiments .

While I am working on serious collections for new exhibitions I am also writing  a second book. For me  my enthusiasm and passion is the drive behind my work.That feeling of always creating something new and finding even better ways to capture it on paper is a daily challenge that thrills me. I have excitement in each new idea with  the sense of childhood when you first see snow or eat chocolate! Imagine that glorious feeling.

I have workshops coming up where the emphasis will be very much on looking at ways to bring life into our paintings.Not simply gain a recognisable image but have viewers looking at our creations and saying " Wow"! Each artist attending the sessions  will leave inspired to paint non stop and this is my goal.

To close my painting session last night  I took several pieces of paper and  lay colourful washes on them.. The effects to me were stunning. I left my studio on a high and couldn't wait to see each one this morning.

 Vibrant Colour Experiment 1.

I used every colour on my palette and  literally took time to simply play and unwind from the days compositions for my next show. Like a child I just had fun and loved every minute of exploration!


I placed cling film on some sections and allowed them to dry overnight.

 This close up shows wonderful patterns suitable for leaves before the  wrap is removed.

 How many paintings did I work on in  almost thirty minutes?  I didn't count! I just had fun, great fun!

 One area of my studio from last nights fun session to end the days painting!

This morning I am greeted with a huge choice of which experiment to paint first and then  start on wonderful new large pieces of white paper to collate all my favourite ideas to create a magnificent centre piece for a show!

I am excited!

I have brilliant ideas for my new book also which these small experiments will play a tiny part in.  It is what happens next that makes these experiments sing and I cannot wait to move forward!

My favourite.........

I see primroses  bursting to life in Spring.This will be a thrilling painting when complete.

Life truly is wonderful when you remove all pressure to paint a masterpiece. Bringing an element of fun into your work  really does show in your results. Even if you focus on one serious painting what you do in bewteen painting it can boost your spirits and keep your work fresh, alive and exciting.

And I need to get writing while I am so motivated and flying high  on happiness from paintings full of colour,passion,energy and most of all love!

"If you love what you are doing it shows" J.H.


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