Friday, 19 February 2010

Determined To Win

"Determined To Win"

When everyone expects me to share paintings of Spring Flowers or cockerels it really is nice to do my usual of being " unusual" by throwing in an unexpected subject. It feels very suitable to share this painting which started as a study last night.

My life feels like a blur at the moment as I juggle so many projects constantly. My March Exhibition in Alton is  now prepared but I am working on new collections for another gallery and a special show later this year. I am also working on my second book . I jump from subject to subject at will as my heart leads me and enjoy the  variety of colours in each.

This painting holds excitement for me and the sense of movement that is necessary to bring it to life. Working without a preliminary sketch means my focus really is on colour and how it interacts. Techniques are vital to  create variety throughout the composition so that the viewer can really fill in gaps with their own imagination. I can just see the horses muzzle although this isn't painted. I can feel the speed at which the horses are moving even though they aren't even there and the steam from the heat of the animals as their breath hits the cold air all adds to the thrill of the race.

I am racing to fulfil my commitments today and possibly this feeling is entering my work.

I am painting to fast music and feeling  the heady rush of the feeling of winning..........

A complete change from painting flowers to peaceful calm lyrics!



Maree said...

Sounds like you're wonderfully excited Jean! The painting is lovely and already full of life - dying to see the finished product!

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Hello Maree, I am working on a complete collection and will add final details when all of the series is finished.I really am having a ball with this and enjoying every minute of the series, I am so thrilled my excitement shows,thank you so much for leaving a comment:)