Friday, 12 February 2010

Brightening the World : Yellow

My world is coming alive with wonderful Spring flowers. I am tempted each day to paint daffodils,snowdrops and primroses. I set up my working space in my studio every evening with  some arrangement to dream about and to entice my brush in the morning.

On my facebook page  I asked a question.Which are your favourite yellow shades.The replies were varied and interesting so I thought I would share mine and set a wonderful challenge at the same time. How about brightening March on facebook and blogs by sharing brilliant sunshine and a host of golden daffodils?

Here are the yellow shades on my palette. Winsor Yellow is a favourite of mine!

 Yellow Palette

 Next I have placed swatches of colour on a scrap of paper. For me this is a wonderful way to start the day with fresh clean colour simply playing. Some tubes could get neglected in my  materials box if I didn't use them all regularly.

Colour Swatches

I can never leave these little " blobs" alone so  the next stage is a "doodle".........

I love this result!

 Daffodil Centres

 Can you see where this experiment with colour is heading?

I am raring to go and eager to pick up my brush now.............and I know which colours I will dismiss and which new ones I will try!

March 1st is St Davids Day in Wales where I am from. The dadffodil is our national flower.......I would be thrilled to see a world full of daffodils shared on this day in any medium all over the internet! The race to paint a million daffodils is on! Please invite your freinds to join in too.

Jeans Daffodil Challenge 2010

In my first book "How to Paint Colour and Light" in watercolour I introduce exciting ways to paint minus the use of a preliminary sketch. This simple and fresh approach really can turn into an addiction in wanting to try to capture every single thing you see in this loose style.......please be warned,this really can be a very addictive way of painting! 


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