Sunday, 14 February 2010

Judi Meadows Memorial Fund

As I wake this morning  I think of all the cards and flowers that will be given all over the world as a way of showing how much love is shared between two hearts. Young girls will hope to recieve cards from admirers, lovers will find ways to show each other how much their relationship means, couples will show how strong their feelings still are even after many years of living together.

And there are those who will treat this like any other day.

And there are those who would give anything to share just one more moment to say " I love you"

Earlier this year I was asked to donate a painting for a very special auction. I chose "Femme" . She was in a beautiful antique frame and had a sense of calm about her. Please allow your own feelings to imagine what this figure is thinking. Is she a lover? Has her lover just left or is she waiting for him to arrive? Maybe she is a loving wife. Maybe an artists model. She started to appear during an art session and the point where I stopped was where the session closed.She was placed on my easel and  I soon understood any further brushstrokes could hinder not add to the story she was telling. And so she was framed and I later decided she would be part of my private collection until I received the charity request.

As the artist I see her turning her back on all of her troubles and looking forward to something so beautiful and very private.  Maybe her lover or husband taking her into his arms.  The golden light in the upper right corner signifies happiness yet to come. The red in the lower left corner signifies the colour of love perfect for St Valentines Day.
This morning as I wake in my loved ones arms I realize how lucky we are. I have a romantic evening to look forward to  with an element of suprise as I haven't a clue where I am being taken.  Like the girl who fell in love years ago I feel as though I am going on a date. I have a new dress to wear which is feminine and romantic. I am still very much in love. I know how lucky I am to openly type that line.

And for a moment this morning my heart thinks of those who can't be with loved ones today for whatever reason.

My wish this morning is that everyone who  is lucky enough to have someone in their lives will show them just how much they are loved because our tomorrows can never be  taken for granted.

Happy St Valentines Day.

You can see the Art Auction which " Femme" was a part of via this link..........

To read why the auction took place and  learn more about Judi please follow this link............



Maree said...

Beautiful painting Jean, and beautiful, heart-rending penmanship - I am learning more and more about your love and compassion and understanding better where your creations come from - a true artist's soul.

Melissa Fischer said...

Inspiring words and a beautiful painting. Have a wonderful day!

Sydney Harper said...

Beautiful painting and post. I discovered your blog through Nita Leland and I'm entranced by your work.