Saturday, 20 February 2010

Taking The Lead

"Taking The Lead"

Following my leap back into action paintings I spent a wonderful session in my studio yesterday creating this racing scene.

From a few placements of pigment while working with a sense of excitement figures rapidly began to appear. As I worked away from my main rider I really had to depend totally on my imagination to allow the scene to come to life. 

At this stage I didn't want to be "dictated to" by what I saw. I had the desire to paint what I felt instead which is a far more powerful way of creating.

From my soul as an artist. 

 " Taking the Lead " First Stage.  
Even now there is so much of the story already told.

Why does this painting work? I knew from the beginning it would bea good result because I could see the finished piece in my mind. It isn't enough for me to look at an image and want to paint it. 

I want more. 

I want to capture the very essence of every single thing I am working on and bring it to life so that viewers of my creations feel they are involved in each scene. In this painting I want them feeling as though they are there at the races. I want them guessing who will win and almost hearing  the noise of hooves on the ground  creating a flurry of mud and dust rising from the movement and speed of the racing.

This is an exciting scene to witness in reality. Therefore it has to be an exciting scene in a painting. It has to be rich in all aspects.Colour,brushstrokes,composition,technique. Everything has to work.

And for me in this piece it does.

I am happily working on a new collection and really loving the series!

I hope you do too.

By the way, I really think the  rider in green on the outside is about to take the lead, take a look and see if you agree!


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