Thursday, 4 February 2010

Eggspect the Unexpected!

Still Life:  Eggs in Basket.

I was thinking about the comment " Expect the Unexpected " which is a term often used to describe my new collections.

 Visitors to any of my exhibitions will expect to see cockerels, hope to see dogs or cats and  often let me know they are disappointed if there are no flowers in the show. More recently I have received many requests for paintings of elephants.

I love having an element of surprise. Paintings that no one will expect to see. Subjects painted in a completely different  way.  I love hearing the comments on the Private Preview openings as the surprises are finally on show for the first time.
My style lends itself to painting any subject at all.There are no restrictions because everything is a new challenge to capture in this magical medium using a combination of colour and brushstrokes.

From working on a series of cockerels and chickens I couldn't resist adding some eggs. These however are duck eggs in beautiful  shades of various colour. The kitchen is a terrific place to find new ideas. Here I have  used an old basket and a flemish  cloth to add a lttle more eggscitement!

Back to my studio for me but if you are lost for something to paint, how about raiding your kitchen? With a little imagination you never know what you may  create!


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