Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Cockerel Mania

"Dawn Calls"

Working on a second book is opening my eyes to  techniques to create movement and life in watercolour. I have a  feeling of even greater excitement as I explore new  ideas. My studio seems to be  a haven with  an assortment of  products and items I have never even thought of using before and some I had forgotten about. It will be a wonderful way to share a different approach to painting.I also smile knowing this second book is going to contain quite a few surprises. It is wonderful to be able to share the behind the scenes thoughts before this one hits public attention!


Yesterday I delivered the last of  the collection to the Market Street Gallery for the Spring Exhibition. Looking at all the pieces together I know it will be a really colourful show and I cannot wait for the Private Private Preview. 


Many artists will understand the need for working ahead  so I am now working on future exhibitions and I have a few charity projects I must complete also. To be able to  support others by way of my brush is a vital part of my work and personality. At the moment five charity events will each recieve a very special painting and will take place throughout the year. I have time to work on each individually to ensure funds raised really do help.

I never take for granted my own health or life style. I am  able to see, feel and use both hands. I also was somehow blessed with this passion for working in watercolour. I honestly believe this kind of passion is a gift which  is best appreciated if it is shared. All gifts are all the better if they can affect orthers in a positive way.

Sharing whether it is a smile or an act of kindness is like a ripple on a pond. It spreads and can do great things.



Jan said...

Absolutely wonderful! Jan

jane minter said...

goodluck with the show jean ...he's glorious ...you have a gift for writing must be good to be already working on your second book .

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you so much Jan

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Thank you so much Jane, I am looking forward to seeing all the work together as it is a lovely collection...and I am loving working on this book.It is packed full of ideas and new techniques. I know you will have a ball working through them all.Its great to see you.