Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Stepping Into My Studio

Cockerel collection on easel  waiting for final brushtrokes.

 I had a request to see into my studio so took a few photographs to give an idea of how I work. I have learned so much over the years. Since writing my first book on watercolour I have also learned so much more on how to be a better artist.

It is never enough to be able to paint any given subject. I need to experiment and repeat the process looking at ways to breathe life into each new painting. I want drama, impact and that feeling of possible movement.

For my 2010 collections I am looking at old favourites and new. Each painting created minus the use of a preliminary sketch. This aids the unique results.

My studio right now is an Alladins' cave full of surprises and my beloved cockerels too. They are on my easel. on my desk and even the floor. I will choose from these which are ready to be framed,which need more work and where they will go.

Table easel for final touches on smaller new paintings.

My  studio floor is scattered with paintings in one corner that were demonstrations, paintings from workshops that were stopped to allow students to follow the different stages.  Hints and tips at how I would work a scene and these often find themselves forgotten.

Discarded paintings or new treasures?

The beauty of the way I work is that my mind is free.At any moment in time I can paint a subject I have fallen in love with. I can jump as is my way from one project to the next  bringing joy into each brushstroke. There is emotion in each piece. Joy in the creation and a feeling of youthful exploration because every single painting feels like a new day to me. A new life.....a miracle in the sense of its existance.

Some days I find it very hard to share on my blog because even talking about my watercolours excites my soul and urges me to leave the computer and paint.....

And so I will. But not a cockerel as my heart is set on.......I have so much to choose from!

Isn't life wonderful as an artist!



TJ said...

I am really enjoying your blog. I am also looking forward to your book(s)! Hope the boy is well on the mend. I love the cockrell paintings. I miss my chickens. Lively little souls they were!

Enjoying delving into your studio treasures!

Helen said...

Wonderful lively cockerels Jean and the owl and umbrella girl look fantastic ...can't wait to see the end results!