Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Colour and Light in Watercolour

The last few weeks have been really exciting as a new author. I have been to my publishers to make the final discussion on my book and contenrs before it is published. Watching this first book on watercolour come to life over the last twelve months has been an incredible experience. It has grown from a dream to reality.  I knew one day it would be on show for all the world to see and I was excited at the thought my friends  and followers can see what I have been working on behind the scenes.

Until now it really was just my publisher and myself who knew what would be available later this year. I became quite fascinated in the secret of the contents and started feeling quite emotionally attached with my book. But then came an unexpected turn in events and my feelings.

The days are drawing near when it will be available and a form of fear has really set in! I have no idea where this panic came from but all of a sudden instead of  looking forward to others seeing my book and the cover I was dreading the day! How strange is that?

I confided in a wonderful artist who has written many books on watercolour and she gave me  really sound advise and helped me understand these feelings are quite normal.

It is time to share. If you would like to read about my book  you can find details on this link.......

"A stunningly beautiful book that teaches you how to produce loose and expressive paintings, filled with colour and light.
Encapsulating Jean Haines' enthusiasm and passion for art, this stunning book, packed full of ideas, tips and expert advice, opens up a whole new world filled with colour and light that will not fail to inspire and excite you. Drawing on many years' experience as an accomplished and well-known watercolour artist, Jean guides you through every stage of the painting process, filling you with enthusiasm for painting beautiful watercolour paintings of your own in her characteristic loose and expressive style. The book includes sections on materials and techniques, composition, colour and light, and there are three step-by-step projects to help you put everything you have learnt into practice. The huge range of subjects covered, including portraits, still-lifes, animals, flowers and landscapes, has a truly international flavour, reflecting the experiences Jean has gained from living all over the world."

You may be disappointed not to see the cover? I know it is time to share and have been given permission to do so.
In USA you can see it on the following link......... this is the first country it is on view.........


And for those who cannot wait any longer here is the cover.

To try to leep everyone happy I have covered as many subjects as I can from faces,flowers,landscapes,animals....you name it and it will be included. All painted minus the use of a preliminary sketch. So if you have always wanted to paint in a loose style this is a great book for you and if you simply want to see what I have been working on  here it is!

Am I still nervous? Oh yes, absolutely terrified because now I know there will be friends and artists looking eagerly and letting me know what they think.

I do hope you like it.

The strange thing is even though I am feeling  this way I am leaping staright into another book, Maybe if I write enough I will get over the preview nerves! I hope you enjoy my first book though! We will be celebrating its launch on my facebook page so please join in if you wish to be in touch.



jane minter said...

i adore the cover jean ..it's probably my favorite paintings of yours not that i'm bias ... you really must be full of mixed emotions ...good luck with the lastest show .


Melissa Fischer said...

Oh, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


I can't see a USA page, though. It just takes me to the same UK page as the link above.

Mindy said...

The cover is just wonderful!

Mindy said...

The cover is just wonderful!

Susan Liles said...

Wonderful looking book, congrats on getting it done!