Sunday, 7 February 2010

S.W.A. , Society of Women Artists

Cockerel Study

I cannot believe how fast time is flying. This time last year I was putting collections of paintings together and deciding which should be where exhibition wise.  I live in beautiful rural surroundings and many friends own  amazing cockerels so they often feature in my paintings. Little did I know that this time last year the set of six that I would be submitting to the SWA,Society for Women Artists would lead me to a road which I will never look back on without a feeling of joy and an overwhelming sense of achievement and excitement.

All six of my paintings were accepted for the show. Only four could be hung and out of these four I was awarded the Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award  at the Annual 2009 Exhibition for "Morning Calls"


"Morning Calls"
SWA Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award 2009

I was so thrilled and honoured. Arina Gordienko had won the award in the previous years exhibition for her outstanding work.

Following the presentation Anthony commented that my work reminded him of the artist Joseph Crawhall.
(English Painter, 1861-1913).  I have since become a huge fan of this incredible artists work.

You can see all the winning paintings from the 2009 exhibition on this link and find out more about the S.W.A., Society for Women Artists.

It is time again to consider work for exhibitions throughout the year. I have grown as an artist, a person and my technnique and style has evolved so much from the experience of writing my first book on watercolour. I feel as though I have been on my own watercolour workshops. Now fully  understanding why I choose the colours that I do,why subjects appeal to me, how my Asian  influence from studying in China has come into play in my brushstrokes. I am beginning to see all the good aspects of my extensive travelling and having met artists from all over the world .

When I was told 2010 would be a  really magical year for me I didn't quite take the thought in.

But with a second wonderful book  under way and my enthusiasm at an all time high I  am beginning to think maybe it could be true!


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