Monday, 15 February 2010

Who Cares?

It is Monday morning and you have a million and one things to do. Two very excited dogs are eager for their walk on which you prioritise the order of events for when you return to your studio which has already been invaded by the family cat. You gently move the cat off your desk and in minutes move them away from your water container which they seem to believe is there solely for their  drinking purposes.

  "Who Cares " First Wash

You patiently move the cat off the keyboard as you aim to complete the mornings administration.

Paintings are then selected ready  to be delivered to the gallery for an exhibition and it is time to add any last finishing touches to your latest collection. All the time you are mentally working on your list of necessary things to do.

You patiently pick up the cat and remove it from your palette where it has managed to gain different shades on each paw which are now casually being walked all over the clean sheet of watercolour paper you had placed on the floor next to the easel to be used during the mornings session. It has now become an abstract. Maybe a piece of modern contemporary art.

There is only one painting left to complete before you leave for the trip to the gallery and the model  happily co operates by washing immediately in front of the easel!

The dogs  are finally sleeping, there is peace at at last and the cat?

The cat doesn't care!

 Who Cares !


A typical Monday morning with a wonderful cat in glorious shades of gold capturing my attention taking my mind away from the task in hand. Preparations for my March Exhibition at the Market Street Gallery in Alton,Hampshire. 

Please contact the gallery directly for invitations to the Private Preview where I will be meeting guests during the evening.



Billie Crain said...

Your post sounds so familiar I had to chuckle. I don't have dogs but I have cats. Why do they always want to drink from the dirty paint water and not the clean?! I don't use cadmiums for this very reason.

As for stepping in paint, then walking across paper, I have one painting I can't bare to part with. Raven, one of my female cats who has since left this mortal coil(I still miss you, sweetie)left a purple paw print on this painting. Letting go of this painting would feel like letting go of a part of her.

Jean Haines ASWA said...

Billie I hoped this post would reach to artists who are cat owners.Yes mine too desperately try to drink from my water conatainers! Have you shared a photo of the paw print?

I have one painting that my dog walked over once when I placed it on the floor to dry.With his massive feet he formed huge rings in the wash and I kept this painting has a very happy memory. He refuses to repeat walking through my paper again and it was such a fabulous effect!