Tuesday, 9 February 2010

"Letting Go"

"So Wise"

Gathering a selection of paintings I delivered the first of a new collection to the Market Street Gallery in Alton for my Spring show yesterday. Choosing paintings and subjects that work well together is an area many artists forget to consider when showing. This time I have created a splash of colour that works on a Spring theme.

Behind the scenes there is so much work to be carried out.The workshops were arranged previously and have already sold out. The press releases and Private Preview invitations are on the gallery agenda and I too will inform friends,clients and collectors about the event.

I looked at certain pieces and had the familiar "I don't want to part with you" sensation. In  every single  exhibition there will always be paintings I am emotionally connected with. These maybe pieces where I feel I crossed a turning point in my technique. They will have been enjoyed in my studio at their various stages. When I finally choose the frame the tug  of  connection seems stronger and when I see them in the show the urge to put red dots all over the place to prevent anyone from buying my work is at a high!

This feeling has never changed over the years but then I recieve wonderful feedback from those who have purchased a painting and I  understand the reasons behind their actions. To know someone  wants to have your work in their home or as part of an art collection is a very special feeling as an artist. One we all  wish to possess each time we show.

I must get used to "letting go"

An established artist told me years ago you get used to parting with work. I wish he was still alive so that I could let him know I haven't. I feel exactly the same now as I did then.

Maybe I  put so much love into each piece that they become a part of my life. Who knows but it is time to let go again. I am so looking forward to this colourful Spring Exhibition. If anyone is interested in coming please contact me on jeanhaines@hotmail.com


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