Sunday, 15 May 2011

Rosemary and Co Brushes

Rosemary and Co Pure Kolinsky Sable Size 10 Brush and  Size 1 Rigger

Whilst working on my next book I am taking time to research products available for the watercolour artists who really strive to not only achieve great paintings but aim to make every single second of the creation process enjoyable. This means having the right materials at hand to work with. Sadly there are many products out there that I would dismiss more readily than those I would highly recommend.

At many exhibitions and workshops I have heard the the name "Rosemary and Co" in relation to their wonderful range of brushes used by many professionals and amateurs alike.  This week I have recieved a fabulous pair of Pure Kolinksy Sable brushes in the post as well as a fascinating catalogue that contains many brushes I would race to own. If anyone has ever been to one of my workshops you will have heard me making a statement that a good brush lasts for life if you treat it well and a really excellent brush a brilliant investment.I have also added that I won't be buying any new brushes as I adore those that I own already.
How things change!

I cannot paint without a good brush. I need a product that will move well on paper,readily gliding without hesitation aiding the flow of water and pigment as required. I also want a brush that is flexable.The sable tips have to be able to curve well as I often fall into using Asisn brushwork in my pieces. The brush has to not only load well with water but it has to retain its' weight until I wish to release it with gentle pressure.
This gives me the control I desperately need for good results. I am working on brush control in a chapter of my next book that is giving away tips on how to get the most out of every brushstroke. Writing each point is enforcing just how important it is to own a product of the right quality if you wish to achieve wonderful effects and seriously love picking up your brushes.

I am going to be trying many ways of using my new brushes and  will share what I find openly.

But just holding this new brush is really fabulous. In my hand it sits well and I just know I have found a new "best friend" in my studio!

More news on this range of brushes soon!

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Jenny said...

I love these Rosemary & co brushes too, Jean. I have had sizes 4, 6 and 8 round sables for nearly three years now, and they are still fantastic to use with a good point. I would always recommend them. They are fantastic value for money too, for such excellent quality.