Sunday, 15 May 2011

Magic Moments

Jean,little Noah and Jo

The last two weeks have been really busy. It feels as though my life as a professional artist is continually racing ahead from one fabulous art event to another. But it  is only in the last week that I finally escaped from my studio and saw the outside world a little more. And I mean really saw the outside "non painting" world.

I have been so busy this year with workshops, exhibitions, gallery contacts, writing for a magazine and my book and replying to requests by email for Art Society  events. It isn't so long ago I was happily painting on a regular basis and wishing to be this busy. I now wonder how many amateur artists  fully understand this really is a full time job once you reach a certain level.

This last week I have had visitors which has given me time to sit back and look at all I do. I have also hardly been online and this too has made such a difference. At the beginning of the week I went to London to see Billy Elliot ,the musical with my gorgeous Grand Daughter Tegan. I sat mesmerised watching the actors and dancers on stage bring a story to life which is just what we do as artists.We see a subject and share our own personal emotions in our brushtrokes as interpreations of what our eyes have seen in reality. We are and should be individual in what we create.

Later this week I had two  very dear guests come to stay in the form of Jo and her beautiful son Noah who now live in Australia. I met  Pauline, Jos'  amazing Mum and we became  best friends years ago. Pauline sadly is no longer here but in Jo I see her beautiful face and in her Grandson I see her smile. My heart has been touched by moments and memories that words cannot explain. Emotions have been running high for so many reasons. Missing friends and family I cannot be with, wishing  special moments could have been shared by those who would have loved them most of all.

I watched little Noah feed ducks and in my imagination I see a gorgeous painting of a little boy by water that I just have to put on paper. I look ahead to the future week which will be filled with  time writing my next book and  working on paintings for two galleries that are going to exhibit my work next month.

But little Noah is going to be " that painting". The one that  will  take my breath away and hold special magic in it. I can't wait to get started.

Sometimes it really is uncanny how just what you need is there right in front of you at the right time.


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