Sunday, 5 August 2012

Olympics 2012 Jessica Ennis

Jessica Ennis coming to life in the early stages of a figurative watercolour

I have watched the Olympics this week and seen sport in a new light. I have been amazed at the skill of the athletes and felt as one with the crowds from all over the world who have cheered on their favourites, all hoping to see them do well.

I have never wanted to move my brushes so badly and my passion for painting action scenes has taken me to a whole new subject area via the incredible sights I am seeing daily. Its' like a feast for the artist who yearns for something new.

There  is something  extra wonderful about countries uniting through this sporting spectacle. The sense of hope,excitement and the thrill of unexpected wins and disappointments from those who didn't quite make it  seem to bring out the compassion and emotion in human nature.

I am going to have a ball painting and I am also going to love every single brushstroke!

"Simply Jess"
First Brush Strokes breathing life into a figure in action


Lisa Graham Art said...

So much movement captured here!

fausto mancini said...

Wonderful watercolor! You catch her dynamism!